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For ligation, we charge per hour and our fees will depend on the hourly rate applied.

Charges are usually assessed on the hourly rate of the fee- earner concerned, which are as follows:

  • Partners: £350 – £450 plus VAT

  • Solicitors: £200 - £350 plus VAT

  • Paralegals: £100 - £175  plus VAT

Wills and Probate

Fixed Wills & probate fees

All fees quoted are subject to VAT at the prevailing Rate 

Our Fees For Acting As Executors

Where we are instructed to act for the Executors of the estate, or are appointed in the Will as the Executors, we charge a fee according to the time we spend in dealing with the matter which includes obtaining instructions, writing letters, preparing documentation, making and receiving telephone calls.  The fee will depend on the hourly fee applied.

Our work involves assessing the value of the Estate by reference to the various assets contained within it, obtaining the Court Order authorising the Executors or Administrators to deal with the estate, preparing the HMRC Inheritance Tax Form and then collecting in and distributing the money and other assets in accordance with the terms of the will or according to entitlement where no valid will exists. 

Routine letters out and routine telephone calls not exceeding 6 minutes duration are charged at £30 per item and letters in are charged at £15 per item.

In addition, it is necessary to pay to the Court a fee to obtain the Court Order which is currently £155 plus 50p per copy order.



Petitioner (you issue divorce proceedings)                                  – £550 Plus VAT

Respondent (you are served with divorce proceedings)               – £350 Plus VAT


Straight forward Divorce and pre-agreed financial agreement      – £1100 Plus VAT

Pre-agreed Cohabitation, Pre-nuptial or Separation Agreement     – Depending on the value of the gross assets, our charges start from £500 Plus VAT


If you and your spouse or ex-partner are not in agreement as to how to separate your financial affairs, and you require legal assistance, this will charged at an hourly rate plus VAT.


We can help with regulating arrangements for children and work out tailor-made and effective solutions to promote your child’s best interests.  Our hourly charging rates start from £300 per hour plus VAT.


Depending on the type of injunction needed, our team members possess all the skills to deal with your requirements. Our hourly charging rate start from £300 per hour Plus VAT.

*Our Hourly charges do not include third party costs and necessary disbursements.


Company and commercial

We have the skill and expertise to assist you on all the above. For a quote, please contact us directly.

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